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From Humble beginnings. We as a brotherly duo, bring you this gaming search site.

We started
our avid, borderline obsession with games back in the early 90’s. This started with the retro console, Sega Mega Drive.  Undoubtedly these games were the deciding factor in our gaming obsession.
golden axe
streets of rage
sonic the hedge hog about us
Following are beginnings we moved onto the PlayStation 1. Funnily enough are dad won, one of the first PlayStation’s on its release. Entering a newspaper competition he luckily won our PlayStation. Going into school the very next day, telling my mates that our dad won a PlayStation, they all thought it was a toy car play area. Nevertheless the gaming industry got us hooked. These titles had a defining impact on us,
Tony Hawks Pro Skater about us
crash bandicoot about us
final fantasy about us
playstation 1 about us
Through out the years we moved on to the next generations of consoles, N64, PlayStation 2 + 3, Xbox. Handheld consoles, Gameboys, psp. PC was probably were we felt at home though. All the while playing the games and wanting to know certain things about each one for help, or interest. Searching the net for Guides, videos, Walkthroughs, where to buy, reviews and more. The annoying thing was having to search each separate site for different info. So we decided to make a website by gamer’s for gamer’s.
Zelda about us
PlayStation 2 about us
Baulders gate about us
N64 about us
Gameboy about us
Now the Idea for it was to bring every relevant site needed for gaming into one convenient place. Therefore a gamer wouldn’t need to visit  tons of other sites to find what they are looking for. As a result every relevant site is brought together here, finally in one place.
For this purpose we as a brotherly team of two invite you to enjoy our site.  At the same time let us know if you want to see any added features or sites to our search results page. We plan on building a community of gamer’s huddle around one hub.
Tim Hawkes About us

About Us. First Brother, Tim, Oldest of the two, gaming preference MMO’s, RPG’s, Shooters. Also loves his retro gaming, fave old school games ‘Golden Axe’, ‘Dark Age Of Camelot’. Dad of two, training the next gen of gamers. #DADGAMER.

Dici Hawkes About us

About Us. Second brother, Dici, youngest of the two. Currently playing Overwatch and Rocket League. Dad of three, also training the next gen of gamers. #DADGAMER.

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