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I’ve had this headset Astro A50 for over a year now. I can honestly say it is one of the best headsets that I have owned. Having usually used wired headsets like Corsair or Turtle Beach these are far superior. The novelty of being able to walk around the house and not take them off or unplug them is amazing. It still hasn’t worn off after all this time! The fact that they work across the board between PC, Xbox and PlayStation is quite amazing, meaning you only ever need one headset. 

The sound quality is great and has enough bass for even the heaviest of beats. The Mic is probably the only let down as I thought it would of been better quality than it is, although it generally isn’t a problem and is clear i would of just expected  a bit more quality for such an expensive piece of kit. 

The battery life is meant to last for 10 hours although I don’t think I’ve ever worn them for 10 hours without putting them back on charge, they don’t seem to last that long which is disappointing. The benefit of being able to charge them and use them at the same time negates this problem. I would of liked a longer charging cable that came with the headset but you can use any USB to Micro USB cable to charge them so as long as you have  a android phone or a console i’m sure you will find one spare, if not they are only cheap to buy. 

Overall if you are looking for a good wireless headset which come in a wide range of colours, that will give you great sound quality and a decent mic then these are definitely a good purchase, I would rate them 8/10.

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