Releasing on 17th of October, for PlayStation and on Steam. Brawlhalla is an epic free to play platform fighting game. Fighting up to 8 players online at any one time. This 2D plat former is 100% free and is really reminiscent of Super Smash Bros.

Boasting over 30 Legends to choose from. Each legend has there own unique move-sets, signature abilities, stats, weapon combinations. With new legends being added continuously. 

The game also revels in its decision to be “No Pay to Win. No Pay to Play. No hidden fees. No monthly costs. No Pay walls.” In their own words all this will stay that way forever!

Brawlhalla is setting out to be a great E-sport game also. So whether you want to chill and play with friends, or fight your way up the ladder of the competitive scene. Brawlhalla is set to be a smash hit!

Take a look at the Esports trailer for 2017