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This will be the first in a line of posts I want to create about gaming as a Dad gamer. And the struggles I come across trying to fit time in to game. Ill try and cover a certain amount of games i’m enjoying over a period of time. All the while juggling a full time job, being a partner in crime to my lovely lady friend and of course being the Lord of the Land to my two little Monsters Cherubs.

I have had a border line avid obsession with gaming for over 25 years now. I use to be able to rack up the hours I spent gaming, when I was a free roamer. Now it seems I must wait until either the Kids go to bed or wait for the weekends during “family nap time”. Never the less I still look forward to a good gaming session.



So Destiny 2 has been out for a few weeks now. Myself being a Dad gamer I have just been able to complete the story, main mission. Finally reach level 20 and now am starting to grind for gear and that all precious light level. The main story took me about 15 hours to complete. This was throughout a couple of days, while also completing my other missions. Which were to keep the kids alive by feeding, changing nappies and supplying them with enough drinks as to prevent dehydration. 

Destiny Dad gamer 3
Destiny Dad gamer 11

The main story campaign was over pretty quickly and getting to level 20 didn’t take a life time. Which for me was a big plus, as I don’t have the man hours to drive into the game. I have chosen Hunter as my main class. I liked the idea of a quick and nimble character running in and clawing away at the enemies. Plus being able to dodge seemed like a nice touch.

I had played Destiny before but only the original beta. This was because mainly at the time I was enjoining being part of the “PC Master Race”. Going into Destiny 2 pretty much blind as what the game was really like, I went ahead with the Hunter.

Destiny Dad gamer 7

When you start out as a Hunter you start with the subclass Arcstrider. This subclass has proven to be a killer so far through completing the story missions. Able to completely obliterate enemies with a quick smack to the face with his mighty walking stick. The only issue I had with the Arcstrider, was fighting in the final boss battle, between yourself and the leader, Dominus Ghaul. During the fight your given areas where your super is charged quickly, and at the beginning the attacks work nicely against him. As you progress through the fight he begins to hover in the air and fly around. This proves difficult for the Arcstrider as fighting mid air is rather clumsy.

Luckily during this fight I had previously picked up a light level 200 Rocket launcher for my power weapon slot. Blasting away his final breaths, as I gasp for air myself, because one of the Kids had laid the foundations of a sewage plant. I finally complete the main mission.

Destiny Dad gamer 4

The settings for the planets and areas you explore are eye caching, and vibrant, making you want to explore every nook and cranny. Public events are scattered across the plants and are reminiscent of the events that use to happen in Guild Wars 2.

They play out very similar in, you have to complete certain objectives within a time frame and are then presented with precious LOOT. There are Heroic settings which can be activated during these events also, providing you with a scaled up difficulty level, but on the premise of better LOOT drops.

Destiny Dad gamer 1
Destiny Dad gamer 1

This Last week I have been able to try out some crucible matches with my newly acquired legendary and exotic items I have found along my travels. My gun set up I am using at the moment, which is proving extremely handy is;

Mida Multi-Tool
Mida Multi-Tool

Which I got from doing these quests;

  1. Complete the main story and all follow-up EDZ story missions
  2. Get the Mida Mini-Tool from Devrim Kay as a quest reward
  3. With a Scout Rifle, get 50 precision kills and 25 kills without reloading
  4. Dismantle five Blue or Legendary Scout Rifles
  5. Get 50 airborne kills with an SMG

Uriel’s Gift
Uriels gift

Which I received from the gunsmith through faction rewards.

A super satisfying feature of the guns in Destiny 2 that i’m finding out is that the gun-play is superb. Each gun has its own style and cool perk, with every gun being customizable in its appearance and mods that you can attach to the weapon. Once you find a gun that you prefer though, each shot as you wield the weapon feels ultimately satisfying. Especially when you achieve a precision shot on an enemy, AKA head shot, weak spot. 

Destiny Dad gamer 8

This gun set up proved pretty effective so far in the crucible, with myself getting top score for efficiency in most matches. The hardest part I found was getting used to the maps and hiding spots, around each map. This complied with the ever moving of my head to see if my oldest was going to smash his brother around the face with a wooden spoon proved a challenge.

Destiny Dad gamer 9

I am really enjoying Destiny 2 so far, finding that the gameplay and design feel so perfectly hand crafted that its hard to stray away from it for to long. Its a game I look forward to giving a bash on at the end of the day. Be that going the rounds in a crucible match, or exploring a planets caves, or taking on a few public events. 

Next on my list of things to do and try out, as I progress with Destiny. I want to complete some Strike missions, Nightfall missions and possible try out the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine. These I will cover in the next installment of, Diary of a #DadGamer. 

Diary Entry:
(I’ll try and book a Saturday night session in this weekend. Obviously after the Misses has watched the X Factor, the boys have been washed, feed and are in bed. About 10.00pm ill go on, if I haven’t killed myself over the X Factor, hopefully get a few hours in. “Fingers Crossed”)

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