Far Cry 5 “The Resistance” the new game-play trailer!

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Far Cry 5, called simply “The Resistance”

The trailer shows of game-play for the new Far Cry 5. The trailer shows how the world interacts with some of your activities in the game as you fight alongside your local allies. These local allies are called the Guns and fangs for hire.

Far Cry 5 is out on the 27th march 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Here’s the lowdown:

Set in beautiful Montana and built as an Open World, Hope County welcomes you in the land of the free.


The fate of Hope County is in your hands. Take on the cult solo or team up with a fellow resister in co-op mode and wreak havoc upon Joseph Seed and his band of cult followers. In the biggest Far Cry release ever, you’ll have everything at your disposal – from hired guns to hired fangs and the baddest arsenal this side of the Mississippi.


When you hit hard, the enemy’s gonna hit back harder. Far Cry 5®’s dynamic AI tracks the effect you’re having in the game, and alters the enemy’s strategy against you. Be prepared: The cult will boost their efforts when you become less of a nuisance and more of a threat.

  •  Non linear story
  •  Resistance meter
  •  Unified progression
  •  Unpredictable fauna