Prepare for Plains of Eidolon

Digital Extremes have announced the release date for Plains of Eidolon. Warframe’s Largest update to date will release on the 14th of November for consoles. The Hype is real for this one. DE will introduce new ways to explore, discover, fight and fly in ways never before seen in Warframe.

With the arrival of Plains of Eidolon DE bring a massive open world, not seen in warframe before. 

They are also introducing their 34th warframe GARA, “Shatter your enemies with the offensive abilities of Lotus’ newest glass-inspired warrior”. She uses:-

    Lash out with stream of shattered glass, or hold for an arcing strike
    Gara’s armor splinters into a maelstrom of shattered glass that slices enemies and impairs their weapons. Allies who contact the cloud are fortified against damage.
    Trap enemies in a carousel of mirrors, forcing them to attack visions of their true selves. Destroyed mirrors damage their attackers, as does the collapse of the carousel.
    Create an expanding ring of molten glass that slowly crystallizes enemies who enter. When the expansion is complete, the ring hardens to block weapons fire. Using Shattered Lash will smash the ring and send razor-sharp glass flying outward.

Official low down:-

Welcome to the Plains of Eidolon. Sentients once fought on this battleground in an attempt to destroy a massive Orokin Tower that the Ostrons now call home. The Sentients’ defeat is forever immortalized in the ancient graveyard that litters the Landscape.

Time in the Plains cycles the same for all Tenno. For every 100 minutes of beautiful sunshine, there are 50 minutes of haunted night.

The Grineer have organized drilling stations and sprawling outposts throughout the Plains to excavate the technology of the Old War. Take missions from the Ostrons to fight Grineer during the day and clear out their bases, but be fast, as these Grineer will call reinforcements when they spot danger. As you venture deeper into the Plains the Grineer enemies will get progressively stronger, so come prepared.

When night falls on the Plains, towering Spectral Sentients known as Eidolons ascend from the waters and wander in search of all they’ve lost. Small, deadly Sentient drones appear throughout the Plains to protect the Eidolons. Many Grineer will retreat to their camps in fear of the Eidolons and attempt to wait out the night.

Gather your fellow Tenno. You’ll need to work together to take down these massive creatures. Only the greatest Eidolon Hunters that combine forces will reign victorious.

When you’re not sliding down hills or Bullet Jumping over mountains, you can summon your Sky Archwing at will to fly through the open Landscape. Spot and battle Grineer enemies from the sky and experience the beautiful scenery. Movement for your Archwing has been reworked to make it easy to fly through the Plains and engage enemies on the ground.

Experience the great outdoors like never before! Craft spears and bait to catch a variety of fish species and return them to the Ostrons to make consumables. Mine for ore and rare gems that have been affected by traces of Spectral Energy left over from the Old War. Venture far into the wild to explore hidden caves that hold secrets of their own.

Use your new-found freedom to explore the bustling town of Cetus. Learn about its scavenger-inhabitants, the Ostrons, and their rich culture that revolves around the grotesque harvesting of biomechanical tissue from long-dormant Orokin Towers. Talk to the Ostrons in town to discover how the ongoing war with the Grineer has shaped their lives.

Increase your Standing with the Ostrons by completing their requested missions and they’ll share their culture and knowledge while granting you access to their wares.

At Hok’s Anvil you have the ability to design and build a new weapon using the Ostrons’ component-based crafting. Zaws are modular weapons with interchangeable components that affect the appearance, functionality, stances, and stats of the weapon. They are forged using three weapon parts; a strike, grip, and link — all of which are obtained by crafting Blueprints that Hok provides. Name your Weapon, improve it by adding Gilding, or earn Cetus Standing by pledging the Zaw to the Ostrons.