Dynamic Weather effects are being introduced to Pokemon Go!

Developer Niantic have announced that they are introducing dynamic Pokemon Go local weather effects into the game.

The Dynamic weather effects that are being introduced to the game effect what pokemon you can catch. Giving you something new to consider while going out to catch wild pokemon. They are also going to give various effects and benefits to certain types of Pokemon depending on the weather.

Six weather conditions that will effect the game are:

Effects – Dark, Ghost

Rain Water 
Effects – Electric, Bug

Snow Ice
Effects – Steel

Sun / Clear
Effects – Grass, Ground, Fire

Effects – Dragon, Flying, Psychic

Effects – 
Unknown as of yet.

This will include an extra 25% bonus Star Dust when the appropriate Pokemon type is caught during that weather condition. Check out the subreddit here>>, for more info

Alongside 50 new Pokemon being added, the new weather system should be coming towards the end of this Month. Excellent for a free to play Mobile game~!

*Looking forward to this, better get the thermals on ready*