SecretLab Titan gaming chair review

With the release of the Secretlab Titan gaming chair into the UK market I couldn’t’ wait to get my hands on one. I have been keeping an eye out for a while to buy one for myself having heard great things about the chair. It is quite simply the best chair I have ever purchased. It’s designed from the luxurious Omega chair but has a number of adjustments adding to a more comfortable experience. The changes mainly include better load bearing capabilities and an integrated adjustable lumbar support. Which all add up to better comfort and durability.


The Titan features a taller backrest and wider seat-base compared to the Omega. Which is designed for the larger gamer. The seat is covered in the highest quality “Prime PU” Leather, covering a car-seat like design. The foam is cold-cured which provides perfect cushioning and support. Its like sitting on a perfect cloud, it also has a 85-165 degree recline and 4D adjustable armrests.

The Titan features an amazing intergrated adjustable lumbar support which completely removes the annoying lumbar pillows which can slide about. The mechanism is built directly into the backrest of the chair. The velour head pillow is just as amazing quality as the whole chair its the softest i’ve ever felt. This is made of soft stretch cotton and covered in a velvet velour. The SecretLab Titan gaming chair also comes with a two year warranty should any issues arise, but I think this will last me many many years.

Packaging / Assembley

Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging
Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging 2

The Titan was extremely well packaged for the delivery journey, plenty of high quality foam not polystyrene to protect the chair. The assembly instructions are very clear and concise.

Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging 3
Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging 8
Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging 10
Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging 4
Secretlab Titan gaming chair packaging 9

The total Assembly time took less than an hour and was probably the easiest chair I have assembled.


Score 9/10
Comfort 10/10

Aesthetics  10/10

Build Quality 10/10

Price 5/10


Secretlab Titan gaming chair 2


I highly recommend the Secretlab Titan gaming chair, as I said earlier its the best chair I’ve ever bought. Although previously thinking the price was a little steep at £450. I caught a deal and bought it in the sale at £299.00 which i’m completely happy with. In hindsight with all the features it supports, and the comfort it gives with long gaming sessions. £450 is great value, paying full price for the quality of the chair. I’ve bought many cheaper chairs in the past years and they’ve only lasted up to 2 years. These cost me around £100.00 each so all in all I would probably have saved money by just buying this one to begin with!. Lucky they have just come to the UK market, and i can see that the hype is real for this extremely well made and comfortable gaming chair. I have no doubt its going to last me many years.

Final Thought

You buy good shoes for working all day so why not treat your back and buttocks to something special? Your back will thank you for this chair and will benefit you in the long run. With the proper support you deserve, this gaming chair has you covered look no further!