Xull, Lord Commander of the Iron Legion

Blue Mammoth Games have released the 36th playable legend for Brawlhalla. Called Xull, Lord Commander of the Iron Legion, he wields the recently-added cannon weapon alongside the axe. His signature moves feature a bear trap used for physical grabs.

Xull Lord Commander of the Iron Legion 3

This Brute is the first 9 Strength Legend – the first Legend with any stat with a value of nine. Hailing from the same world as Legends Jhala, Teros and Sidra, he’ll prove that orcs have a place amongst the honored in Valhalla.

Matt Woomer, creative director, Blue Mammoth Games, has said “Xull opens up new options for fans of the axe, the cannon, and playstyles that favor control.” “I can’t wait to see what players will do with the first nine-strength legend.”

Xull Lord Commander of the Iron Legion2
Xull Lord Commander of the Iron Legion 1

Brawlhalla is a brilliantly competitive esports title that is definitely worth a go at. What makes it very appealing is the fact it is free to play, with no pay 2 win option. Although if you feel like you wanted to support the game you can unlock all of Brawlhalla’s rooster of legends for £15.99.

“Brawlhalla pits the greatest fighters from all of history against each other in the Grand Tournament of Valhalla. Each of Brawlhalla’s Legends wields a distinct combination of two weapons alongside their personal signature abilities, giving every player eager to dominate the arena options to suit their playstyles”